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Pastor Joanna Miller

Council Members

  • Brenda Hoyt – Chair of Council
  • Graham Snyder – Vice-Chair
  • Jacquie Gillies – Recording Secretary
  • Michele Esch
  • Matthew Esch
  • Jane Martin
  • Dave Kramp
  • Dave Gromeder


  • Zhanna Wohl-Yerin and Michele Wilmot

Administrative Assistant

  • Tara Bradley

Bell Ringers

  • Franklin Jonas
  • Terry Rohr
  • Dave Martin
  • Dave Gromeder


Our two bells are very much a part of our worship services each Sunday, yet they ring for other reasons as well.  In 2015, to increase public awareness of the murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada, our bell ringers rang 85 times each day for a period of fourteen days, one ring for each murdered or missing woman, for a total of 1185 rings.  Later that year, our bells rang again in solidarity with the “Bells in Bethlehem”, silenced for the first time in years as a response to violence in that region.  In October 2016, we supported “Bells for Aleppo” by tolling our bells for eight consecutive days each day at 5 pm.  Tolling church bells, long a sign of mourning, reminded people of the suffering of innocent civilians in Aleppo, and so we tolled both the large bell (for adults) and the small bell (used only for children’s funerals).