Facility Rental Guidelines

Payment of User Fees:

All payments for facility rental fees will be made by cash or cheque made payable to St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Fees may be requested in advance.


St. Matthew’s will determine whether a particular type of permitted use requires an on-site appointee for purpose of providing security for the protection of church facilities and equipment. User will provide necessary supervision at their expense.

It is the responsibility of the organization, group or individual using church facilities to comply with all applicable Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws and ordinances , as well as, any regulations established by Church Council.


All users of the facility are expected to have insurance. The insurance must protect St. Matthew’s, its members, employees or agents from any legal liability arising out of bodily injury or property damage caused by the user’s negligence.

User Guidelines:

Users of church facilities will be held financially responsible for breakage or damage that occurs to the building, grounds, equipment or furnishings, as a result of their neglect or misuse of the same.

St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal or organizational property or for injuries to any person that occurs during use of the facility.


The user is responsible for confirming cancellation of the facilities if not intending to use a previously booked facility. If notice of cancellation is not provided at least 7 days prior to the booking period, the intended user will be responsible for any applicable facility rental fees for that booking.

St. Matthew’s will provide at least 14 days notice of any necessary cancellations.