Justice Ministry

In 2021, we created a Justice Ministry here at St. Matthew’s. There are so many opportunities for learning about and starting to try to understand the challenges and struggles of our black, indigenous, people of colour and 2SLGTBQIA+ friends and neighbours. We have been working as a ministry to help educate our members and friends by providing opportunities for learning through emails, the sermons, book studies and sharing of available learning opportunities outside of our church community. We continue to work towards God’s vision of creation.

“When we turn a blind eye to racism or do nothing to correct systems that perpetuate the mistreatment of others, then we are passively condoning and continuing those systems. If we refuse to walk alongside God to fix brokenness, then we are continuing to break and destroy, When we refuse to stand in solidarity with those who need our support, we are willfully standing apart from them. God calls us and empowers us to do better. And God faithfully walks with us in this work,” Bishop Jason Zinko (Manitoba/Northern Ontario Synod) for the July/August 2020 Canada Lutheran

Orange Shirt Day – September 30th – Every Child Matters!

On Saturday, September 30th,, as a nation, we recognize National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. It is meant to be a day for Canadians to spread awareness of and reflect on the tragedies experienced by Indigenous people as a result of the country’s former residential school system.

Since 2013, September 30th has been observed as Orange Shirt Day across the country – a day, created by residential school survivor Phillis (Jack) Webstad, on which Canadians wear orange shirts to commemorate the Indigenous children who were taken from their homes and placed in residential schools. September 30th was selected for being around the time that those children were taken. The colour orange is used because Phyllis wore an orange shirt for her first day to the school and it was taken away from her once she arrived.

This day is a day of awareness and commemoration. Take time for quiet reflection or participation in a community event. Remember to wear your orange shirt!

Creator God, we come to you with thanksgiving for the reclaiming of lost languages, stories and traditions. We have joyful hearts when First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities are willing to share their history, teachings and cultural identity with us. We ask for your help to listen carefully and attentively to what our neighbours are saying. We are stronger and wiser for these gifts. We pray in hope for a future that is built on respect, peace and friendship. Amen. (Prayer written by Deacon Scott Knarr)